Single or Double: The pros and cons of both systems.

Whether you want for the lightest option and a minimalist look or a no-compromise system to take you everywhere, anytime… there is always a setup to suit you.



  • Lightweight
  • Simple
  • Clean look
  • Perfect for riding the same trails


  • No compromise
  • Fast on the flat/downhill, easy climbing
  • More efficient gear steps & range
  • Exploring new trails



  • Compromise on gear options (either too low or too high in cadence)
  • Limited gear range


  • Weighs more than 1x11
  • Need to shift in the front if needed

The single is characterised by its lightness, neat look and ease of operation. While the double drivetrain is characterised by a no-compromise system, wide gear range and small gaps in between the gears.

Max Range Double vs Single:

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